25 Boston Area CEOs to Follow on Twitter


David Laubner is an expert in the field of marketing and product management. His background includes numerous technology product launches and the founding of several internet startups. Follow David on Twitter | LinkedIn

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9 Responses

  1. j@j.com' John says:

    Great list. How many of these actually tweet on their own or do they have someone that watch their accounts?

  2. dlaubner1@yahoo.com' David says:

    I believe most of these actually personally tweet vs. ghost tweet. Most of the people I listed are from startups or early tech companies – most are on my follow list.

  3. mike@townconnect.com' Mike Ford says:

    Hi David- Thanks for the listing. I follow your blog.

    Per comment above- My tweets are so insightful it must be a ghost writer… :)



  4. dlaubner1@yahoo.com' David says:

    Mike – no problem. I need to get into TownConnect in more detail.

    Your tweets are so insightful…is it a team of writers? =)

  5. Great list. I built a quick Twitter Grader group so you can see the full list of people (with more detail) more easily:




  6. meagan@kelandpartners.com' @RedHeadMeag says:

    My CEO – @kelkelly – is definitely NOT a ghost. She is wicked funny, though – and incredibly insightful.

  7. dlaubner1@yahoo.com' David says:

    @Dharmesh – great idea on the Twitter Grader group. Thank you!

    @RedHeadMeag – I would think that all of the CEOs on the list a wicked funny (or at least wicked pissa’) =)

  8. Thanks for the list. It is refreshing to see these startups making a go of it….

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