Local Web Apps Merge – TopTepSources Acquires StyleFeeder


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5 Responses

  1. spamfreeben@gmail.com' bndo says:

    Here’s the official press release from Hailey Suitt’s blog (CEO of top 10 sources).

  2. 93south says:

    Thank you! It’s looks to be a great partnership.

  3. spamfreeben@gmail.com' bndo says:

    I totally agree. I’ve used del.icio.us for marking down things that I like… with a tag like tobuy or wishlist… but it’s not ideal. StyleFeeder seems to have a ton of potential. Not only can it grab from everywhere, but it’s also portable (you can post a widget of your wishlist anywhere).

  4. 93south says:

    I’m sure it is stated but the behind-the-scenes marketing data that the can captured will be very valuable.

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