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4 Responses

  1.' Andrew says:

    Videos like this drive me nuts. Lots of out self-serving and of context stats thrown at the viewer with a slick soundtrack and a sense of urgency. And with no references for the stats at all????

    The irony here is that this video (that extols the virtues of social network advertising) is just like most social network advertising itself. All fluff and no real substance. It is passed around, glanced at, and forgotten almost immediately.

  2. David says:

    @Andrew – The pro and the con with social media is that the barrier to entry for participation is so low. It’s one of the true assets of social media that allows anyone to hang up a shingle and start publishing. At the same time, that ease makes it easy for anyone to become an “expert” and start pushing their own agendas.

    It all goes back to fundamentals – if it fits with your real objects it has substance.

    As for this video, I have not had a chance to read his book or site in detail yet. The end of the video provides a link to his site and the book so you can look up his sources. If Erik is reading this, perhaps we can work out an interview (a free copy of the book?). =)

  3.' John Eckman says:

    All the sources are documented here:

    But I think in many cases the video distorts the stats by taking them out of context. For example, the stat about 35% of book sales at Amazon being for the Kindle – that’s only true for titles for which a Kindle edition is available, not for all book sales.

    Interesting video, but do check the source (and context) before taking any of it too literally

  4. David says:

    @John – It’s a lesson for all social media….just because it is posted online does not mean it is true!

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