The Boston Video Game Round-Up!


David Laubner is an expert in the field of marketing and product management. His background includes numerous technology product launches and the founding of several internet startups. Follow David on Twitter | LinkedIn

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  1.' Wade Roush says:

    Hey Dave,

    Your roundups are always so useful and entertaining. Clearly, there’s a lot more to the Boston area videogame developer community than meets the eye. I’ll be particularly interested in what comes out of Conduit Labs and what 2K Boston does post-Bioshock. Keep up the good work. ;-)


  2. David says:

    Thank you – It certainly surprised me putting the list together. I knew that there were a few companies in the area but I was not aware how strong the community was.

  3.' TC says:

    Check out in Newburyport.

  4. I will like to create a video game

  5.' Dan Weis says:

    This coming Saturday, Nov 10th at 2:15pm at Harvard Business School, Philip Rosedale, ,the CEO of Linden Labs, Mark Kern the CEO of Red 5 Studios and World of Warcraft fame, Turbine, and Multiverse, and others will be talking on the future of virtual worlds! Check out for more information.

  6. You missed a Boston area video game company. 7-128 Software, located in Salem MA., produces family friendly, accessible computer games. We have story, word, and puzzle games, many of which can be played by blind, visually impaired, deaf, color-blind or motion impaired players as well as non-impaired players. Check us out at

  7. Interesting list. I wonder if there is any work done locally on combining these kinds of games and arcade type games with a chair that swivels, a screen that mimics a baseball pitcher, etc. That kind of thing. It occurs to me that there is a much bigger interest in American baseball in Japan than is generally recognized. What if we could get a license from DiceK to license a viceo game for his participation in the game. He “pitches” customer tries to hit the pitch. I like it. We can try Japanese VC’s. Who knows who could develop the game if we had the capital? [email protected].

  8.' Mike says:

    I think Rockstar new England is missing from your list. Formerly Mad Doc software

  9.' Dan Baskin says:

    I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case, great info…I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

  10. Please also include Gamesville specializes in free online game shows. Like TV game shows, our game shows are free to play, give winners prizes, and are supported by sponsors. But unlike TV — where only a handful of players play while the rest of the world watches — at Gamesville, everyone plays games together in real time!

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