93South.Net was established to promote government grant opportunities, charitable donations and charity websites. We publicize charity news to encourage individuals and businesses to strengthen local communities through volunteerism and charitable giving. Our mission is to make it easier for the general public, philanthropists and people in need to learn about the many programs, services, grants, giveaways and donation opportunities that make our towns and cities better places to live.

The best way to respond to poor economic conditions, natural disasters or hard times is to support the community-based nonprofit organizations that provide support and assistance to those in need. Healthy communities require every available resource, including tax deductible donations, foundation grants and in-kind giving to protect those who are vulnerable to poverty, abuse or fraud. Your involvement and contributions really do make a difference.

You can donate just about anything of value to a community-based nonprofit organization or charitable website and claim a tax deduction for your generous gift. We specialize in sharing everything you need to know about charity websites, government grant opportunities and charitable donations. Our goal is to make charitable giving and community involvement easier and more rewarding.

Whether you’re searching for assistance, or you want to donate a vehicle, boat or something else of value to a charitable organization, we have the news and information you’re searching for. Donating money, goods or services to a deserving nonprofit organization should be simple and risk free. You’ll be amazed by the number of giving opportunities that are available in your area. Make sure that you visit 93South.Net regularly to discover the nonprofit organizations, charity websites, government agencies and foundations that desperately need your help. We know what government grants are available and who’s giving away what. So whether you’re giving or receiving, we hope that you’ll join our growing family of community-minded friends and neighbors.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to give. That’s where 93South.Net comes in handy. We do the research and post our findings to make it easy for you to follow your heart and give a portion of your abundance to a charitable nonprofit organization. There’s no doubt about it. Healthy communities are built by concerned people with an overflowing desire to give to others.