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Have you ever heard about people donating their unwanted vehicles to charity? It’s an effective way to help both the contributor and the person receiving the gift. KQED car donation is a program that our KQED public broadcasters rely on to keep our non-profit up and running. It goes to show that we are willing to put in some work to get the money we need to cover our necessary expenses. The KQED vehicle donation program is so much more than just a cash handout. Find out more about who KQED is and how our car donation program works!

Who is KQED?

When it comes to quality public broadcasting services in the form of radio, television, and internet, KQED is one of the premier choices in the entire Northern California Public Broadcasting region. We aim to share with the community educational information that makes you want to explore new ideas, think, and feel differently than before. Community service and civic participation are both at the forefront of our mission. Also, a value is placed on lifelong learning, how powerful ideas are, and human dignity. To provide these services and information to the people in the region, we rely heavily on programs like the KQED vehicle donations.

What Can You Donate?

Car Donation San Francisco

It doesn’t matter if you have a ten-year-old car that has been sitting for two years without running or one that is operating perfectly fine. The KQED car donation program is going to be more than happy to take it off of your hands. As long as it’s not going to cost us more to get it to the auction site than what it’s worth, we will come and get it from you. We accept so much more than just cars too. If you have any of these that you want to get rid of, talk to us about it. There’s a good chance we will take them as a donation as well:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Trailers
  • Boats
  • RVs
  • Personal Watercrafts

You don’t have to leave this stuff cluttering up your lawn anymore. Getting it removed can be expensive if you have to pay for it. The KQED vehicle donation program will come and pick it out for you without charging you a dime!

How to Donate

It’s really easy to donate to the KQED program. For fast service and direct answers to all of your questions, you can dial up the KQED donation phone number at 866-573-3123 or 866-KQED-123. Knowledgeable operators are standing by ready to answer all of your questions seven days a week. They will talk you through the process of gathering all of the necessary information and setting up an appointment with our trusted tow truck companies so that they can come and pick up your unwanted vehicle.

Another way you can start the process is by filling out a form on the KQED car donation page. There, all the necessary information can be quickly put in by you right from your computer. Some of the details that they are looking for include your personal contact information, information about your vehicle and where it is located, and a spot for any additional information you want to share with us.

After you have submitted your donation application, someone will get in contact with you to schedule a time to pick up your car when it’s convenient for you. We can even come and get it if you aren’t going to be home if special arrangements are made.

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What Does Car Donation in San Francisco Cost?

Well, we can’t speak for the other car donation San Francisco programs out there, but ours is completely free! It takes just a little bit of your time and energy to fill out the form and talk with an operator to schedule your tow truck pick up service. Other than that, you aren’t going to be required to pay anything.

A friendly driver will show up and load up your KQED car donation within a couple of days of submitting your form. All you’ll be left with is a receipt that says they were there and they took the vehicle for donation purposes. No more clutter in your yard, and you can feel good that you did something to help out the local community. What more could you ask for?

Get a Charitable Tax Deduction from the IRS

You’re left standing with that receipt from that nice tow truck driver after your KQED vehicle donation was hauled away. Now, what are you supposed to do with that piece of paper? We suggest that you file it away with all of your tax documents. That way, when it comes time to file your taxes for the year, you can hand that piece of paper to your accountant. He or she can fill out the proper paperwork to get you a deduction on your taxes. That means that you will get credit for donating your vehicle and you won’t have to pay quite as much in taxes this year!

How much you are going to get to deduct is going to depend on how much we sell the vehicle for. Our dedicated team will make sure to send you out the proper paperwork after the final sale goes through so that you know exactly what we got for your donation.

Before You Start

KQED Donation Phone Number

There isn’t much to making a KQED vehicle donation, but before you fill out the form or give us a call, there are a few things that you should make sure are in order. First of all, you need to have a clear title from the bank or private party where you originally purchased the vehicle.

We have to know that you are donating a car that has no liens on it or third-parties involved that could potentially want the auto. If you can’t find the title or you don’t have a one, you must go to the DMV and apply for a new one and receive it before we can come and get your KQED vehicle donation.

Secondly, check with your DMV to see if there are any requirements involving returning a license plate or getting a release of liability on the car, truck, van, or whatever else you plan to donate. Each state operates a little bit differently, so we ask that you take care of that before we arrive at your property. Once those two factors are taken care of, your vehicle should be ready to be picked up and hauled away!

Get A Membership to KQED!

If you aren’t already a member of KQED, you get a free one-year membership with your KQED vehicle donation. With your KQED membership, you can get free admission to a variety of cultural and educational events around the Bay Area. In addition to that, you get mailed a printed member magazine and invitations to exclusive events that are for club members only.

The basic membership level usually costs $40 per year, but you’re going to get that for free and enjoy all the perks that come along with it just by calling us to come and pick up a car that you didn’t want anyway.

Of course, if you at any point during the KQED car donation process have any questions, we are here to help. We want to make this go as flawlessly as possible. Our friendly operators can be reached at the direct KQED donation phone number to go over any of your questions or concerns about how everything is going to work.

If you are thinking about a car donation in San Francisco, we urge you to consider all the benefits of giving to KQED. Not only are you helping us out, but you are ensuring continued quality public broadcasting for the entire community for years to come.

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